One Month One Dress Day 24 25 and 26

Day 24: Dress – New Look, Skirt – Urban Outfitters, Socks – Primark, Shoes – New Look, Bag – New Look

Day 25: Dress – New Look, Shirt – Tatty Bon, Jumper – New Look teens section, Boots – New Look

Day 26: Dress New Look, Jacket – Charity Shop, Cashmere Cardigan – Charity Shop, Boots – New Look, Necklace – New Look, Glasses – Primark

The past few days have been manic. I had the closing gala of the film festival, my laptop performed it’s swan song (I am not ashamed to say I cried) and scored myself a job interview. Thankfully my one dress was up to the challenge.

For the Closing Gala I was off to a screening of Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing – and while I seriously considered cracking out my Sunnydale Allumni t-shirt, I also didn’t want to give off any crazed fan girl vibes (present though they may be.) The last few times I’ve dressed up I’ve tried to just focus on the dress – adding wee details like a sequined clutch and sheer socks or some illustrated nail art. Instead I decided to wear pretty much all the holography at once without looking like a giant mirror. The bag and shoes are long term faves of mine and while I often think together they can be too much – the closing gala was the perfect excuse to get all fancy.

My laptop had been playing up for a long time and I’ve been working on increasingly creative ways to keep it charging. Alas it was not meant to be and it went kuput. Black screen of death. I tried all the things (including phoning my computer genius Dad who couldn’t help because he was all the miles away and chastised me for breaking another computer. And at least my 12th charger.) Thankfully I found my receipt and it still was under warranty so nothing that a trip up to John Lewis didn’t resolve. It does mean however I’m without my beloved HP for anything up to 28 working days and am working entirely on the boy faces computer which whenever I open Firefox brings me up 3 pages all about the NHL. Expect me to be able to answer all sorts of hockey shaped trivia by the time March is out. Anyway outfit wise just needed something I could kart about town in. Also warmth.

Last but not least – today had a job interview so cracked out the cashmere and google mapped my way there. Suffered from the weird cold/bright weather in Glasgow so I was dashing about town with as many layers and scarves as I could manage and sunglasses. Seems like a legit life choice.

The end is now in sight though and One Month One Dress ends in two days (I know I know) and I’m a fair bit from my next target yet (I may have been a bit overly ambitious hitting for £750 straight after £500 but a dame can dream can’t she?) Anyway if you’ve liked reading my #onemonthonedress natter and have anything from £1 and up to spare please donate by visiting or texting BEEW88 £X to 70070. All profit goes to Glasgow Women’s Aid so here’s hoping I can raise all the ££££.


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