Origins Mask Marvels Review: Out of Trouble, Clear Impovement and Drink Up

Was there a beauty blogger going who did not have the Origins Mask Marvels Gift set on their Christmas list?  Obviously I was super good last year (ie the mamshape heeded my not so subtle hints) and come Christmas morn this little beauty was mine. With 3 masks – Clear Improvement, Drink Up and Out of Trouble this guy pretty much covered all my bases. I’d tried Clear Improvement before and I pretty much think Origins so some of the best skin care going to having 3 of these beauties to play with especially with my post holiday skin (boo hiss) was an utter dream come true.

 Out of Trouble: 10 Minute Mask

I’d never tried Origins Out of Trouble mask but post Christmas my skin was crying out for something to dear god please fix it. The Out of Trouble mask is all about saving problem skin and is best for oily to combination skin. It sops up the oil from your skin and just takes off all the horrible death off your face. It’s got a real medicinal scent to it – quite herbal and reminds me of vaporub (I love this but can understand this isn’t for everyone.) A little goes a long way and it applied evenly with a very thick creamy texture. When I tried this out the boyshape commented I looked a bit like a mime. He wasn’t wrong. I think if you’re having some break outs this is perfect (my forehead of doom and chinchocfullofdeath loved it.) It reduced redness and my spots have def been less rubbish since I started using this. I wouldn’t use this every week as for the most part my skin does like to behave but if you’re prone to spots or your skin is generally having a shite time of it this guy is spot on.
 Use if: Skin is sad, red and wants some love (Oily to Combo)

 Drink Up: 10 Minute Mask

I’ve tried the overnight Drink Up Mask before which was super rich (and perfect for those late nights where my skin basically became reptilian) but was a bit too intense for every day or even every week. This guy however is a nice alternative with a lighter formula which is all about getting delicious nourishment back in to your skin. The formula is light and almost gel like and spreads evenly and easily and has a pleasant fruity scent. Of all my beauty products it’s also the one I find the boyshape swiping too. It leaves my skin feeling much more awake and fresh after using it and it’s not too heavy. It’s ideal for a few times a week especially if like me your skin wants all the moisture it can.
Use if: Skin is resembling some form of reptile – best for plumping up dry skin.

Clear Improvement: Charcoal Mask

I’m just going to lay this on the line. This is my favourite face mask. Of all time. I got a sample of this years ago and really haven’t turned back since. Whenever my skin is playing up this has been my go to mask. The consistency is this gorgeous creamy grey, you only need a little bit and I’m about putting this all over my face. Whenever I rinse if off my skin just feels like the cleanest thing ever and just looks all round healthier. There is no real over powering scent and it just feels like a lovely luxury mask when fancying to give my skin a wee bit of  the old TLC. After using the Out Of Trouble I would say that guy is better if you have problem skin but if you are looking for something that feels like a wee bit of luxury as well as visible improvements to your skin THIS is your guy. .
Use if: Out of all the masks this one I can see being used for normal skin and is probably the best all rounder.

Honestly – I don’t think there is any of these guys I would not recommend. I was super lucky to get this wee gift set as you got 3 beautiful masks with 75ml for £29 and they usually clock in at £19 each for 100ml. It’s really hard to go wrong with Origins Skin Care and all these masks have shown an improvement in my general skins health and appearance. They aren’t any real quick fixes or miracle workers as much as treatments that over time will improve your skin and are easily some of my fave beauty buys. Do check them out, worth every penny.


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