OOTD: Grey Oceans and Gym Chat

 Top – £4 – Primark, Skirt – £10 – Urban Outfitters (Sale),Glasses – Glasses Direct – 2 for £60 Bag – Holly Fulton for Scottish Fashion Awards – None of the money, Converse – Christmas from the boyshape, Bracelets – ebay and celiana

Not Pictured: Hoody and Massive Jacket. It’s Glasgow. In January. Just saying.

I don’t think there has ever been a time when I haven’t felt like King of the Dicks getting my photo taken for outfit pictures (okay – ASKING people to take my outfit pictures, that’s the time I feel the worst, with the actual “photo session” being a very very close second.) My sister was coaxed (blackmailed) in to taking my pictures today. She thought she was just through for a nice day of lunch and shopping. Nah. You’re going to help me take wanky pictures on the landing because it will be funny.

Pretty much defaulting to black – with a tote bag filled with gym gear this was basically my way of weaning myself out of boots and trying to get myself out of my weird jean funk (going through a blarg of hating all my clothes and just throwing on jeans and over sized shirts, lazy dressing at it’s finest folks.)  I love this skirt but really don’t think it gets enough outings. For a few reasons. Mostly because when I wear it I fear I look massive and although I think I could fix this with a belt it just LOOKS WEIRD.  Also I think I’ve finally found a foundation that may in fact me too pale for me. Who’d have thunk it?

I’ve been back at the gym hard. Not that I ever went away but there was a blip of illness and mince pies in December but I like to gloss over that. This year I want to really push myself. Last year I managed my first 10k and did not die so would love to do it again this year before working myself up to a half marathon. I’ve been doing body pump for a while now and hoping this year will actually be able to stop being a dick and push myself more, especially with my arms and chest and they haven’t really moved much. I was watching the video for Tough Mudder – which is like this insane 10-12 mile obstacle course that is held all over the world and it just looks…amazing. I mean utterly flat out crazy. The Scotland event is at the end of August so would be cool to maybe try work up to be able to do that. I mean who doesn’t want to celebrate the end of Summer by running through fire, getting electrocuted and crawling through mud? 

Anyone else got any fitness goals for the year ahead?


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