OOTD: Captain Spaulding for President

 Cardigan – Obscure Couture – £160, Captain Spaulding for President T-shirt (customised) – eBay,  Skirt – Primark – £10, Shoes – Internacionale – £20 (Sale)

 I wore this for a night of movies – The Seventh Seal which I’d never
seen but just was everything I hoped it would be and more and a bunch of
shorts by the Brothers Quay.
I’ve always loved animation so their multi-media stop-animations were
just tremendous to watch. Like actually flat out stunning.  A collection
of their short films is on amazon for about £10 at the mo so feel like I’ll be diving head first in to that before the month is out.

 Internacionale is one of those shops I never go in. In fact I was only
in looking for onesies for New Year’s Day when I came across those bad
boys. It was like if someone had designed some shoes especially for me. 
They were the last ones in store and HOLLA in my size. Had to be some
kind of fate right? After I tried them on knew I was having them, and to
find out they were in the sale when I got to the till? Utter dream.
They were a bit slidy at first (nothing that a bit of wear and tear or
indeed sanding won’t sort) and made for a few precarious jaunts around
Glasgow (and one MASSIVE bruise.) Well done Stuart as always.

I’ve had this Captain Spaulding t-shirt forever and it’s only pretty recently that I’ve started reintroducing it to my wardrobe. I bought the tee off eBay about 6 years ago and had my friend Lynne (who is dab hand with a pair of scissors and a sewing machine) and turned it in to a fitted vest. I’ve got a bajillionv (no exaggeration) over-sized t-shirts left over from my “mosher” days down the skate park and feels like such a waste that they are lurking away in my Dad’s attic. I’m currently in the process of streamlining my life (I have all the things) and looking at sending A LOT of stuff to Music Magpie and maybe some clothes as well, but may be worth trying to craft some bits and bobs as well Maybe reclaiming them and turning them in to cushions? I did it once in home ec so can’t be that hard right?

On a final note: my hair is continuing to take over my head. It keeps getting bigger (it’s filled with secrets) but definitley is feeling a lot less damaged. Hopefully I’m finally on to a winner in hair goodies.


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