OOTD: Breaking bad habits and hair woe

 Jumper – £6 – Primark, Belt – £1 – Primark, Necklace – H&M – forever ago, T-shirt – H&M – also forever ago, Skirt – Topshop – £20, Boots – New Look – £22, Ring – Gran’s Eternity Ring, Bracelet – Christmas from Boyfriend

My hair is currently going through a period of being – not terrible. This never happens. It’s kind of in that weird stage between growing and full blown mane – which means I promptly need to find a good hairdresser. The madness has already begun as it begins to turn my entire hair in to one giant blonde knot (usually between where my natural hair colour ends and the bleached death begins.) If anyone can hit a sister up with an affordable hairdresser I can trust in the city centre I would be much obliged. I was utterly distraught when my guy left.

As part of my new year I’ve resolved to actually wearing the clothes that I own and only buying things that I utterly love. I have purged my wardrobe and still never seem to have anything to wear. Which is stupid because clearly I have all the things – I just need to actually wear them. Obviously the things that survived the purge were kept for a reason, i just need to get round to wearing them. I’ve had this necklace since forever and never really worn it as it never really fell in to my usual of “must be gold and chunky” but I loved it and was in a buy one get one free or something of the likes. Helps that it matched my lipstick (total accident promise.) This outfit was just something put on to go pick up my Abi. She’d just got her knees tattooed and wanted me to come collect her for a night of dinner and films (prawn,chilli and lime risotto and Phantom of The Opera since you asked.) I’m not usually one for belts over jumpers (and I’m still not convinced) but it is Glasgow and it is cold and quite frankly it looked better than this guy just hanging loose (plus I love this jumper hard.)

Surely I’m not the only one guilty of clothes hoarding?


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