One Month One Dress: A Personal Challenge

I am pretty sure this is up there in one of the more ridiculous ideas I’ve had.  A few of you out there will be more than a bit familiar with “The Uniform Project.” In 2009 Sheena Mathiken decided to wear one dress every day for a year – making it look different each time in an effort to raise money to send less fortunate kids to school.  She raised over 100k for charity and managed to make one dress look completely different for 365 days. UTTER MADNESS.

I’m a self confessed clothes hoarder and while I won’t be wearing the same dress for a year (phew) I will be taking part in a challenge called “One Month One Dress.” The rules are simple. Pick a dress. For one month wear that dress as many ways as possible. Yes you can wash it. Yes you can have more than one of the same dress. You can still wear your own clothes at the gym but for 28 days you have to come up with 28 different ways to wear a dress.  Not one to back down from a challenge I’ve decided to bite the bullet and come February I will be wearing the same dress every single day.

When it came to picking my dress I needed something that is going to be versatile. It’s winter in Glasgow, I’ve got my sister’s 21st, the film festival, blogger events and date nights all coming up so needs to be good for the dressing down AND the dressin up. I’ve went for a black capped sleeve bodycon midi dress from New Look (£12.99). I tried it on with a few things in the changing room and it layers well and I can play around with the length a little bit. It should also be relatively easy to dress up. Famous last words.

Anyway since I was doing something so utterly mental I thought I may as well try and raise a bit of money for charity. So that’s what I’m going to do. For 28 days, starting the 1st of February, I’m going to wear the same god damn dress and post the different ways I wear it here – and hopefully raise lots and lots of money for Glasgow Women’s Aid.

Other than posting my thoughts and outfits here – I’ll also be tweeting about how this one dress will slowly gnaw away at my sanity uunderr my twitter @beewaits using the hashtag #onemonthonedress.

If you’d like to find out more – or even donate, please feel free to visit my Just Giving site here (and if you do donate remember gift aid is your friend!)

I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing and I’m not entirely sure I’ve thought this through but will be a fun challenge and really hope you enjoy hearing more about it!


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