OOTD: Live from my sick bed

 Dress – River Island (4 years ago?) Belt – Topshop – Oldy, Tights – River Island – £3, Bracelet – H&M – £7.99, Scarf – Vaslav and Lily – £85*, Boots – New Look, Sick Face – standard

The past week has since be tucked up in my sick bed, drinking lucozade like my life depended on it (awaiting the inevitable tooth crumbling by the way) and watching a LOT of 30 Rock. Thing is yesterday was my Christmas lunch with my mumshape and sisterling. Not one to turn down an excuse to dress up I cracked out something fancy for the occasion. I got my scarf from Vaslav and Lily from the charity raffle that morning and I was DYING to wear it, so went for some kimono wrap effect tucked in to belt naturally) – treating it as some sort of weird pashmina. I am in love with it. Silk chiffon, art deco gothy deliciousness which as we all know fits right in to my world view.

I don’t tend to crack out this dress again because it is in fact the shortest thing I own but it’s been a main stay in my wardrobe for years (I accosted it from my sister) and thought it would be nice to give it an airing. Pre-sale season I am all about rediscovering pieces in my wardrobe and wearing them. I always forget how much stuf I actually own (and how fantastic it is.)

There was no real hiding how ill I was yesterday (I took tea with my meal – mum obvo disappointed as she was all ready for a Cheryl and Claire winefest, which to be fair I was totally looking forward to) and having to get a good deal of my meal away in tupperware boxes (waste not want not and all that.) However the cracked jokes weren’t terrible and I did get an excuse to wear a daft hat. Always a plus. We opened some parcels (excuse: not seeing any of them over the festive period) and generally has a wee riot (before me curling in to a ball of snifling self pity.)

Thankfully the worse appears to be over. I can now actually breathe and my nose no longer needs to fall off (protip – eight hour cream has been a near constant companion the past few days.) I’m looking forward to playing dress up and eating all the things!

So for your festive season – are you the sort the likes to gussy themselves up all fancy, or are you team onsie?


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