New Year? Let’s do this thang.

Well this has been a pretty big year, so thought I’d do a brief round up before hitting you all with my resolutions. I mean 2012 has been a real mixed bag. A load of big big things and a few little ones to round it off. I’d like to tend to focus on the positive rather than throw a little pity party for myself, and looking back 2012 hasn’t been half bad. JUST SAYING. In fact at times it’s been pretty much hilarious. I’m still shocked that I’ve not been banned from public transport is all I’m saying.

-First things first – I graduated with a 2.1. Can I get a woop woop? Managed not to totally plank it as I walked across the stage.

-Went some gorgeous places with the boyface – London,Dunbar,Buckie.

-Gave my best girl a Bruce Springsteen hen party before heading to Southsea to be her bridesmaid and watch her marry her OTL (one true love, natch.)

-I became a runner to the point I ran a 10k for Rape Crisis Scotland.

-Did my second film festival this year (while writing my dissertation.) Completely manic. Completely worth it.

-Danced/ate/cried as some more of my lovely lovely pals got married.

-Saw Wicked! (finally) and Phantom of The Opera which is still the best musical ever. I also got to go to the ballet a shit ton this year which is always a treat. Nutcracker your set was UHMAZING. The only way I can think of it being improved is by more dry ice.

-I learned how to change a needle on a record player thus proving I am not completely technologically inept

-I remained a non-smoker (high fives all round please.)

-Saw some great movies, read some wonderful books, made some fantastic new pals.

-Gussied up my blog, found some fantastic new designers and finally started doing outfit posts because of course.

-After years of having issues with my body/weight/whatever – it has become less of an issue. It’s not perfect, I’m still not quite there yet and I still have little moments where it’s not so great but for the first time in a long time I don’t hate how I look in all the things and some of the guilt I’ve associated with food isn’t there any more (at least isn’t dominating.) Getting my fitness in check and generally being in a more stable happy place has helped a lot.

So 2013? I don’t really think that a new year really makes that much of a difference, I think if you really want to make changes that you should start putting them in to effect as soon as, so I guess this guy is more of a things I’d like to achieve by this time next year. Let’s see if we can manage it eh?

-Make the fashion strand of Glasgow Film Festival super amazing (which it will be.) I’ve been programming the strand for the past few months which really just means sitting in by bed and watching movies on my laptop and sending countless emails. I’m actually really excited about the strand this year and think you should see ALL the films.

-Get a job. This is pretty high. One in events, marketing, pr. Something that I can generally be an utter bad ass at. Not too much to ask right?

-I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to try a half-marathon, so maybe tackling this in September. Till then would love to do another 10k. Trying to convince the sister to do this guy with me.

-On that note – join a running group. Why you so scary Glasgow?

-Continue reading all the books. Halfway through Faulkner which I suppose is some what of a gateway drug to Joyce. Loads more Valenti. Read the books that are in my book case but have been neglected.

-Only buy things that I love love love and will wear forever.

-Remember to take my make-up off every night. Skin care is my friend. Also find a moisturiser that my skin is all up in.

-Visit somewhere new. Make an effort to visit old places to see the best faces.

-Make an attempt at learning to drive. Even though everyone will be better off if you don’t.

-Get my house the way I’d like it. Got some lovely prints for my Christmas. It’s time to make my house a home yo!

There’s loads I’m looking forward to in 2013 – P moving in, the promise of a wee kitten to our brood (I’m thinking Liz Lemon or Pancakes, P is thinking Anya or Ripper), our friends getting married, movie nights with some of the best people, a trip to Southsea, a trip to London, P’s first time on a plane and just a whole mess of unknown goodness. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty excited! I’m attempting to cook for the 1000 (okay 16) for New Year’s day so will be absent from the internet while I immerse myself in an insane ammount of prep work but have a good one when it comes to you. Will see you on the other side!


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