Mulberry Edinburgh Store Launch

Who doesn’t love Mulberry right? It’s only just over 40 years old and yet it ranks up there with tea, roast dinners, Liz II and the BBC as things that are quintessentially British. Focusing on it’s luxury handcrafted goods made in their factory in Somerset and embracing British eccentricity – Mulberry continue to showcase themselves as on of the most refreshing luxury brands out there. Their “Where the Wild Things Are” is one of my favourite editorial campaigns EVER and their Paper Doll campaign made for one of my favourite window designs ever.  I can’t even fully contain my excitement for their S/S frosted pastel collection that has an English garden fairytale vibe going for it (due in no small part to THOSE gnomes) and the release of the Willow bag. Did someone say detachable clutch? My god.

The point I’m getting at is Mulberry does it right – and the new store (still on Multree Walk) hits all the marks. A total different look – the two stories floor is far brighter and has a very light and relaxed feel. I mean when you come in you are in no doubt you are in a luxury store but from the dove grey bags to the gold lampshades you can bet I am all up in everything. Not going to lie – was also stoked to have a proper look at the RTW (black sequins, orange lace, gold gold gold – it is like someone has been creeping in my brain.)

They had a craftsmen from the factory talking us through how he marks and cuts the leather (talking about the tanning and pressing process in Italy) as well as showing how he plaits the leather by hand for the bags (a standard of 11 plaits don’t you know.) I have enough trouble pleating my hair, can’t imagine what it is like to do this with leather every day. It was great to have a chance to see the leather up close and get a real feel for it as well as having an insight in to the manufacturing process. Each Mulberry takes about a day to make so to see a small part of the craftsmanship that goes in to those guys was one of the cooler things I’ve seen all year.

Obviously everyone is all up in the Mulberry bags (and yes the metallic snake print del Ray is going to haunt my dreams for pretty much forever) but I got a proper look at the jewellery and I am ready for ALL of it. I loved the little padlock necklace (£175) and think it would make a really cute stoking filler. I came away from the press day with a really cute (and heavy) edition of the Mulberry Anniversary book. It’s filled with loads of gorgeous glossy images from parties, from previous collections and fashion shows and totally appeals to my love of a good coffee table book.

The new Mulberry store is on 26 Multrees Walk (across from the side entrance of Harvey Nichols and just next to the bus station.) The store is really gorgeous and totally worth a visit next time you’re in Edinburgh.

Also – I think I promised you guys some Beyonce


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