MUA Lipstick: Shade 10 Review

 MUA – Shade 10 – £1 Superdrug

When picking up the new constellations nail beads from Superdrug there was a sweet 3 for 2 offer on all MUA products. I’d been meaning to try the lipsticks since time began and thought I would dive straight in with a red. I didn’t have much time to swatch it in the shop but it looked like it was going to be quite a deep red, perfect for winter.

While not quite the deep red I was envisioning, shade 10 is an almost bronze lipstick with red undertones.  While the lipstick in the tube looks like it will leave a glittery finish – on the lips it actually leaves a very sheer red finish that I feel is flattering for most skin tones (as well as making my teeth look super white.) It is essentially a way of doing a red lip without going all out. It is subtle and perfect for day wear.

The formula feels very moisturising – although it definitely has a sweet scent to it so if you’re sensitive to smells in your cosmetics take this as a heads up. It isn’t exactly long lasting but it is a nice lipstick and doesn’t dry out the lips and the finish has a slight gloss to it.

For £1 you can’t go wrong and it’s a nice wee red to add to my ever growing collection. I will defo be giving more of the MUA lippies a try but will be perhaps going for a slightly bolder shade next time.  Thinking one of the blue toned pinks could be one to add to the mix!

Oh and since it’s Christmas I’ll be all about sharing my fave Christmas songs. Let’s start off the seasons with a bit of Bootsy Collins yeah?


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