Edinburgh Lush Spa Opening

Lush Spa Store Front, Comforter Candy floss Cocktails, Bubble Bar, Ticket for Spa Tour

I’m a total Lush head. There is nout I love more than an executive bath, I use snow fairy for everything and I’m convinced they do the best face masks going so when I heard about the first Lush Spa opening in Scotland you can bet girlfriend was all up in it like nobodies business.

I went through to have a gander at the new store and spa on Princess Street. The store as expected is a bit of a babestation and everything I’ve come to expect from lush. There was also a few products that I hadn’t creeped in Glasgow town (like the massive block of hard conditioner which was super creamy.)

We were taken downstairs to the spa which is done almost to be like a quintessential English cottage. Plates, flying ducks and bric a brac gave the reception a warm, friendly vibe. We were introduced to the concept of the spa as a place to treat you inside and out – a sort of body,mind, soul experience.

Now anyone who knows me will know this was setting off a few alarm bells for me. When I go for a spa I look for things that make my skin amazing or do killer massages. I’ve never really been in to more holistic styles of treatments.

The first treatment we were introduced to was The Spell described on the site as a “Mind Cleansing Foot Treatment.” Obviously I’m not really in to any feet things so this probably wasn’t the treatment for me but it was the mind cleansing aspect that jarred me slightly. You write down a worry on a piece of paper (um the calligraphy material you are provided is quite nice) and then they put it in a brass kettle and burn it. And your worry is gone. Now I can understand that for some something like this can be very cathartic but I just don’t buy in to it and I feel if you do have any problems a foot massage and a small fire isn’t really going to address the root of the problem.
 For me I had the same problem with the Sound Bath which uses tuning forks to align your chakras and centre you. There is a lot to to be said about the healing power of music but I just found it awkward and it’s not the kind of treatment I would get any benefit from.

That said some of the treatments here are amazing. The signature treatment Synaesthesia is about having an entire experience for your treatment. You choose one of eleven words (like peace or energised) and you are designed a treatment around that word. The room colour, the music, the massage bar they use, the tea you drink at the end – all of it is designed around the word you choose which I really like. I think the idea of being able to come back and get the same kind of treatment again but a completely different experience is pretty neat. The room smelled pretty amazing as well and was awash with an orange glow.

The Validation Facial was one I’d definitely speculated on – if for the name if nothing else. While it sounded a bit daft (I’m here for your beautiful products lush, not for some positive affirmations) the actual treatment seemed quite nice. Your facial is matched to what your skin needs with a selection of products from the store (all which smell incredible) and at the beginning there is a flask with fruit and dry ice and it just all smokes up, makes everything smell gorgeous and at the end you drink it which is pretty nifty.

The Comforter? is the one that I would love more than anything. As I’ve said before I love a good massage and when we were getting a tour of the treatments it really looked like the clients back was getting a proper work over. A hot chocolate scrub and rose scented bubbles sounds incredible (also super yummy.)  It looked like it would be a very uplifting treatment and I’d love to try it.

Overall the Lush Spa is a mixed bag. There is a big focus on treating the mind and the soul which isn’t necessarily what I look for from a spa, and to me it came across as a bit silly and awkward. However what was good was very very good. A spa that uses Lush’s products is something that I feel we can all get excited about and The Comforter? and Synaesthesia are for me the stronger treatments available. It is in no way like your typical spa, with a focus on offering you a full immersive experience. The world of Lush can be a little magical and a little strange but everything is presented with such genuine optimism and enthusiasm that it’s hard not to get sucked in. While there are definitely a few treatments I’m not sold on yet I still think that some of the treatments are lovely, and their repertoire is always expanding. It’s not where you would go for your every day spa treatment (but as I’ve said, it’s not an every day spa) but would make a lovely treat for anyone who loves Lush or something a bit different. I feel I really need to reserve full judgement till I try a treatment myself, but for now it’s worth checking out.

On that note – Christmas song for the day (my festive spirit has not yet worn off, pretty sure I could sustain myself entirley on a diet of mince pies!)


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