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During the festive season – when George Square gets all gussied up – I tend to look at boy face imploringly, nodding towards the ice rink, pouty lipped and puppy dog eyes. Okay maybe not that. More like “Mon P, it’ll be funny.” And every year I’m met with the same response. “No Claire, you will fall over and die. You’ll get your fingers sliced off or something equally as horrible.” He does have a point. I am many things dear readers – but graceful is not one of them. Ice skating is something I’ve always fantasised about. You know those Christmas cards where you see the Victorian ladies on the ice in all their finery and how they glide. I wanted to do that. I wanted to be pirouetting all up in this jam.

Given the chance to go for free by the good folk at Glasgow Loves Christmas, well it pretty much seemed like a win/win situation. I was pretty hyped but as I strapped up my boots my excitement gave away to nerves. I am not good with anything that my body doesn’t control. I was okay at snowboarding and that was because the guy was strapped to my feet and snow is relatively soft when you fall. Ice however. Falling on ice was not something I wanted. I had some how convinced my dear friend Amanda to come along (for moral support and promise of hilarity) and she remained totally calm. We were booked in at 1 – which also seemed to be the time slot of choice for some very young school children (guestimating aged 13-14.) This looked like it was going to be a baptism by fire.

On the ice I was exactly as terrible as I expected. Amanda was all up in it. Gliding in the middle like a boss. I walked. For the first 3 times round the rink I clutched to the barrier for dear life. I was terrified by the fact I was surrounded by super confident skaters (HOW ARE THEY GOING BACKWARDS) and a few that seemed worse off that me (kicking up ice and generally falling over the shop.) I was convinced that the second I stood away from the wall someone was going to fall on me and create some horrendous pile up. And we basically has big ass blades on our feet – so my fear was completely warranted. Amanda was wonderfully patient and managed to get me away from the barrier (though I continued to walk round the rink opposed to gliding) and it was fun.  I’m glad I did it – but perhaps not for me. I fear my nerves utterly got the better of me.

Next stop was Fifi and Ally for some cake and festive hot chocolate (Cinnamon or ginger.) I skipped on the festive flavourings (a first) and instead packed my guy up with cream and marshmallows. Princes Square is perfect for chilling out after and matched my vibe a bit more. Hunners of decorations and the children’s choir singing carols was all sorts of adorable. This was quickly followed by a saunt down the market at St Enoch Square which is pretty much the perfect place for gifts for your fave gourmand and I’ll def be heading back down there for some kangaroo burger. Can we all agree upon how frigging cute the Hello Kitty Russian Dolls are? Also tiny little reindeer. I don’t have a garden but boy if I did it would be littered with these guys!

I love George Square at Christmas and will have to be creeping down there before it packs up post holidays. They have loads of free activities on including swing music, live comedy and film screenings (still gutted I missed Nightmare Before Christmas, just saying.)  They are screening It’s a Wonderful Life on Sunday and Miracle on 34th Street on Christmas Eve. EASILY two of my favourite festive films ever. And free – so def worth checking out!

You going skating this year?


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