Styling for GUM

 All photos c/o Linas Justice for Glasgow University Magazine

 Not too long ago I was asked to style a shoot for the relaunch of Glasgow University Magazine. I thought – why the fuck not? The shoot had a dark distopian feel – set in a post apocalyptic cityscape. The brief called for literally all the black I could muster so naturally it was right up my alley.
It started with a 6am rise and a large suitcase filled with leathers, latex, chunky knits, silks and faux furs. The actual day included a lot of tape punctuated by lots of tea and even more smoke pellets.
For the actual shoot it was a mix of Scottish designers and high street. I had goodies from Obscure Couture, Chou Chou, Bonnie Bling, Lilly Wiggler and DIY Nails. Also had some utterly gorgeous pieces from USC. It did mean for a time my flat was a mecca of really beautiful really tiny clothes (there was a skirt I think I could put my head through.)
It was a big team as the whole production was being filmed which at times was a bit manic in a tiny kitchen. You can see the finished product here – with yours truly looking bleary eyed, fixing collars and holding up knits. Thankfully my 7am ramblings of luxe goth love didn’t make the cut.
Would I change things from the day? A few bits and pieces outfit wise I wasn’t cray cray happy with how they looked but over all was really pleased how everything turned out. Of course in my head I’m screaming NEEDS MORE SMOKE but suspect this is left over more from playing about with the remaining smoke pellets at the end of shooting than anything else. Pretty much safe to say though I’ve fallen in love with Linas Justice’s photography page. Spent ages looking through some of his past work online.
You can read the full magazine online here. The cover illustration is amazing and can’t wait to see where the new creative team takes GUM from here.


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