OOTD London – Trio Finale


 Glasses – Glasses Direct (2 for £60), Necklace – H&M (£10) Grey dip hem top – Primark (£6), Jeans – Primark (£7), Boots – New Look (£22), Cardigan – Obscure Couture (£160)

Monday was out final day in London. Our bus was at quater to 12 at night so our plan was to literally do ALL THE THINGS. Budget be damned. We were going to hit the town with kind of reckless abandon one gets with a student loan, except we were working with the end of holiday money and pure London romance.

We wanted to check out the V&A Hollywood Costume Exhibition because ERMAGAWD Bruce Willis bloody shirt from Die Hard, Dorothy’s costume complete with slippers, Indiana Jones – my heart was pretty much ready to implode with idea of movie et fashion combined in one exhibition exploring the process of designing characters with over 100 iconic costumes. 

And then it was sold out. God damn these hot shot exhibitions eh? Anyway after throwing myself a little pity party and having a sandwich had a creep at but a fraction of the V&A. Because it is massive. The sculptures were stupidly amazing and I am pretty sure I could have spent my entire day in the jewellery hall. It’s one of those places I need to go back to and check new areas. Also they have a David Bowie exhibition next year which you can bet your bottom dollar I will be all over.

After this boy and I decided to take a trip to Notting Hill for some record shopping. Loads of candy coloured houses and market stalls…..and rain but we ended up seeking refuge in Rough Trade, which for the boyshape was like being a kid in a candy store. In the end I dropped a small bomb on records for his Christmas (including some limited edition fancy Swans boxset. I’m in love with the box design) as well as picking some PJ Harvey up for myself. Hurrah.

We took another trip to Liberty. Basically I pawed at the Liberty scarves before finding this really cute book “She bought a Liberty Scarf.” The illustrations are gorgeous. Regret not picking one of those guys up. Next time though. Instead I bought some new perfume – Serge Lutens – Vanille de Bois. Actually gorgeous. A very woody vanilla with licorice and coconut. I couldn’t hack it if it was too sickly but when first found it could not stop smelling myself.Which I’m pretty sure makes me sound like a first class creep – but I’m running with this reckless abandon theme here.
We went to The Diner where we’d tried to go earlier in the week but was actually packed. So glad we returned even if we did end up eating all the food. One of the best burgers I’ve had – with a side of mac and cheese (why is this a side and why can’t I have it as a side all the time) as well as chilli cheese fries (sans cheese at the boys request) and mash with coconut and nutella milkshake. I have never ate so much in my life. Actually needed a lie down after the whole ordeal. Turned out to be pretty cheap as well. They had some Halloween specials on including a Bettlejuice Burger and Frankenstein Milkshake which you could Bring to Life (by adding booze, naturally.)
With a few hours to kill we hit up Ripley’s Believe it or Not which always has offers on. We went on the buy 1 ticket get another for £1 via moneysupermarket that grants you access to the mirror maze and laser quest at the end. Was brilliant seeing the toot sweet machine from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the comic book made from a guys ashes was suitably creepy/cool. The upside down tea part, various portraits made from oddities and a whimsical pub fox made my favourite things. The flute of shame torture device – used to punish bad musicians was the boyshapes favourite. Naturally.
As a last hurrah before heading the bus we popped in the M&M shops where I ended up getting a royal/Halloween mix. Because of course I did. I am the tourist who spends all her money on M&M’s. Sorry guys.
The bus ride home to Glasgow watching the 10th Kingdom was all a bit anti climatic after the weekend away and dying to get back down the first chance I get. Feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface!

Where we went:

V&A – Pre-book your tickets to the Hollywood Costume exhibition if you can. Total game changer. The V&A is massive and easy to get lost in if you’re a bit hapless like me, but easily worth half a day at least.
Rough Trade – Legendary record label and record shops. We popped in to the Notting Hill store and spent a couple of hours in the basement looking at/buying second hand vinyl.
Liberty – The Christmas window’s weren’t up while I was down but if you’re in London round Christmas make sure you get a wee deek.
The Diner  – Handshakes and secret shakes. Buy a milkshake, get your burger medium rare, get extra pickles. Everything about this place is a dream.
Ripley’s Believe it Or Not – always offers and always a blast. Worth a visit.
M&M World – because you have to.


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