OOTD: Leopard print, spots and a case of bitch face

 Jacket – New Look – £15 (Sale) Dress – Motel – £15 (Sale), Faux Fur Collar – River Island – £3 (Sale), Tights – River Island  – £3 (Sale),  Necklace – Me and Zena – £5.50 (Sale), Bag – Primark – £3 (Sale) Cardigan – Obscure Couture – £160 Shoes – New Look – £25

I don’t think I can actually remember the last time I bought anything full price. I spend my life raiding sale rails, charity shops and bargain buckets and always tend to find things I love. It also means I’m partial to a bit of an impulse buy and end up buying things that I love – but for the most part end up hanging up in my wardrobe for me to admire and love, but never really wear.

On Sunday I went along to Granny Would Be Proud with my friend Lynne with a suitcase of loved but unworn goodies I’ve collected over the year. Mostly vintage, some old designer pieces and a bit of high street for good measure. There were moments where I’d see people looking at my clothes and I’d have to fight the impulse to be like “NO! NOT THAT ONE!” (I have unhealthy attachments to my clothes) but it really was nice to see clothes that I love but never wear go to a good home. I like things like Granny Would Be Proud partially because I hate doing ebay. I’m just rubbish at it. Also it gives me a chance to rummage about and check some local sellers. Lynne and I were placed right next to a stand of Christmas goods so as you can imagine I was going mental.

Granny Would Be Proud is a bi-weekly fair held at Hillhead Bookclub (every Sunday on the run up to Christmas) and always has the best hidden gems from Glasgow. Vintage specs, homemade jewellery and vinyl cake stands at prices that don’t have me bashing my face off the nearest wall. It’s all you can ask for really. The Bookclub gets really warm (unexpectedly so) so my whole plan of WHERE ALL THE LAYERS went straight out the window. Kept my faux fur collar on as a standard though. Found myself nursed up behind the stall eating my way in to a cheese coma (enabled entirely by those who bought my clothes) and moaning about Lynne and I’s case of the chronic bitch face.

I’ve been to a few fairs in Glasgow and always find new stall holders. There is still a few that I’d like to check out, or maybe make another wee visit to as stall holders change every fair. I’m pretty sure any money I made today will be going straight in to investing in some goodies. Got my eyes on a fair few prints for my hall at the moment so….


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