Nailgirls: Burgundy #3 Deep Red Wine Review

NailGirls London is a brand that has been on my radar for some time but this was the first time I’ve ever tried it.NailGirls was started by two sisters – Jo & Lynda-Louise Burrell who were sick and tierd of nail polishes that stripped your nails of all their goodness with harsh chemicals.  Their polishes are free from all the big baddies including formaldehyde, DPB and toluene as well as being vegan friendly.
I tried out a colour from their Autumn collection. Described as “a great alternative to black” for the glam goth – Burgundy #3 Deep Red Wine sounds like a shade that has been personally made for
me. It’s very much a dark raspberry shade with a high gloss finish  For me it is the answer to oxblood for your nails for the Winter season.
The formula is easy to work with, dries easily and doesn’t gloop making for a clean even paint. A little goes a long way. I got my colour with two light coats to get a less opaque finish. The polish is crazy resilient as well. I am notoriously hard on my nails and this guy didn’t budge after 3 days (new track record for me.)
The packaging is simple and elegant and I kind of prefer it to round bottles of polish. The brush is a great length giving me a good deal of control with my paint.
The description is spot on – this really is a great alternative to black for me and I find the shade a lot easier to wear than some brighter reds. This guy clocks in at £10.50 a pop – which for it’s lasting power and ease of use it worth the purchase alone. The fact that my flakey nail trouble has calmed down since I’ve started using this polish is a big helping hand too.
I have a few colours on my Christmas wishlist – including a super zesty neon orange and a pale gold foil polish that would look fantastic on my bedside table.
You can try Nail Girls for yourself by picking up one of their polishes from their website here – or if you fancy getting your nails did they have recently opened a salon in Silverburn Debhenams. Surely worth a stop off for a breather in between all the hectic shopping non?


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