MUA: Nail Constellation Review: Picses

 MUA Constellation: £3

MUA new nail constellation range is “inspired by the stars in the sky” – which is really a round about way of saying “we’re hopping on the nail pearl trend.” There is nothing inherently wrong about that. The nail pearl trend looks amazing. I love a good bit of nail art and the nail pearls seemed like a fantastic idea for those who can barely paint a straight line let along a fancy pants design on our nails and for £3, well I was all over this like a mother.

I tried Picses as it has this lovely wintry collection of colours and I was looking to recreate a frosted look on my nails.  I was super excited to get this guy home and try it out. Oh but what a mess. WHAT A MESS.Citing itself as easy to apply I have had never had so much trouble with any beauty product. I had trouble with the “easy use funnel” (the beads weren’t coming out) so tried to open the bottle and it went EVERYWHERE (more my clumsiness than anything else.) I will say the application was pretty easy. A bit messy at first but easy enough to clean up. They looked pretty cool and had a nice effect. However it was ny impossible to do anything with these bad boys. Even with a clear coat of polish on top they kept getting caught in my hair or falling off. Some were on my nails for the long haul while other beads were just not for having it, and the real problem – I found wearing them painful. Like sore. I could not get them off my nails quick enough and they look an utter nick since I removed them.

It’s a real shame  as I think the nail pearl trend is nice, but for me it doesn’t translate in to daily life. I found it intrusive and messy. I thought for a nail novice it would be fun but I just found them disruptive and they just didn’t look as nice on.  MUA have some really great products – but I’d give this one a miss and go for some of their polishes instead.


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