London – ootd part deux

 (Dress – c/o Debhenams, Cardigan – Obscure Couture (£160), Belt – Primark (£3), Jacket – Charity Shop (£8), Boots – New Look (£22), Gloves – acquired.)

Sunday in London was the big one where by some miracle we managed to do all the things. The boyface and I started off with a trip to Harrods. I still can’t get over the scale of the place. The boy surprisingly loved it remarking that “everyone looks like a part time model” and “sometimes it’s just nice to be surrounded by beautiful things” (the clothes not the staff.) Went to the food hall and scored some presat chocolate because we fancy. I kept trying to convince the boy lunch here would be amazing before realising – a)we are not made of all the money and b)did you see the frigging cue for the croissants? Saw some puppies which is always super nice and was baffled by the existence of a pet spa. Of course a trip tio Harrods wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Christmas shop where we picked up a tiny Harrods bag Christmas decoration for our tree. Much preferred to all the hand painted glittery monstrosities with 2012 embossed all over them.
Ended up in Laudree because it is my greatest ambition to be an Internet cliche. Didn’t try any of the limited edition Lanvin macaroons because I’m a terrible person but we did get rose, vanilla, violet marshmallow and almond. Again I am ready to replace all my meals with macaroons. Mostly the rose ones because SWEET JESUS.

 We spent our afternoon in Spitalfields browsing market stalls (one women was selling the most gorgeous leather clutches, can I have one in canary yellow please) and eating. The Daily Grind for coffee stop before getting something a bit more substantial at Square Pie. I could have spent all day here wondering around the shops and loved that loads of the stall holders took card. We picked up some chai red thai for our friend Niall which made my bag smell amazing. Much preferred to Camden.
Finally we went to Somerset House to see the Tim Walker exhibition. I know everyone is going on about it but I was crazy excited about it. Walker is up there for me with Newton and Aldridge so to see an exhibition dedicated to his fantastical photographs were amazing. Giant dolls, exploded pipes, grasshoppers and broken planes and some of my all time favourite photographs on the wall. Total dream. If you have to choose between Little Black Jacket and Tim Walker, this guy wins out every time for me. Managed to clock the Vidal Sassoon exhibit next door as well as a cheeky wee extra. Was really sweet to watch interviews between Mary Quant and Vidal Sassoon and about their time working together. Both are free and it you are London there is pretty much no excuse not to see either of these guys.

Some of the bigger shops shut earlier on a Sunday – as they are wont to do – so home wards for X-Factor results, cider and the promise of the boyfriend cooking. Safe to say I was spoiled!

Where we went:
Harrods – Needs no introduction. I could have spent all day in here. Hell we spent a good chunk of the day in the food and Christmas departments.  Mum’s gutted I never brought her home a Harrods bag. Just means another excuse to visit London eh?
Harrods Laudree – For macaroons. £12.80 for 8 seems reasonable right?  Pretty sure I’m going to try coerce the mammy in to taking me back here for afternoon tea.
Spitalfields Market – Best market I’ve ever been to period. Barras on Christmas eve. Eat your heart out.
The Daily Grind – Small italian coffee shop in Spitalfields market.
Square Pie – This was way too delicious. I wanted to have all the sides, plus the packaging fair made me giggle.
Tim Walker: Storyteller – Till the 27th January and it’s free. NO EXCUSE. 3rd of November they are also showing A Matter of Life and Death as part of the exhibition £8.) It’s my favourite film ever so you have to go see it.


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