Cats and Curioscope: OOTD

 T-shirt c/o Curioscope, Shorts – Next (had forever), Fringed Wedges – River Island – £45, Gold Chain – Primark – £3, Kitties (borrowed)

Saturday night and I find myself draped with at least two cats at any given time. I can think of worse ways to spend my weekend to be fair. I’ve been a right grouch of late – a mix of mulled wine apathy (why are you so hard to make) and general impatience for everything I decided the best way to spend a night would be cuddling cats and attempting to make a Christmas stocking out of old fabric.

The stocking…well um it came out less than well. It is currently in development hell. I am sure it is big enough to hold a satsuma and a pound coin but I’m not QUITE ready to test it’s structural integrity just yet. I think once it’s got some faux fur trim I’ll feel a bit better about the whole thing but I think it’s safe to say sewing isn’t my forte. I was however super stoked about managing to thread the tiniest needle head twice so uh…I suppose that’s something? It truly is the little things.

As you can see the cat cuddling went a big more swimmingly than the stocking crafting (although half hour after these were taken I was a puffy red eyed mess of allergies and had to spend the evening huffing menthol salts.) Tatty (pictures) is the biggest sook in the world and she loves nothing more than hunners of belly rubs and cuddles. Def what I needed. 

Anyway this is my ideal outfit for lounging with the kitties and attempting to do some DIY. I am currently living in my t-shirt from Curioscope as it’s the comfiest guy in the world – and we all know I love a good tee. Also my gold chain seems to be making a routine come back in to my life which is something I’m totally down with.

I’m going to have to perfect my stocking making skills before the end of November. The actual pattern cutting of the thing was right farce so we’re going to see if I can quickly get over that hurdle and manage to create something I won’t be totally embarrassed hanging above the fireplace. Anyone with any experience of actually being able to sew something without making a riot – your sagely advice is needed. Always.

Until next time.


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