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1: Worship Satan Cuddle Kittens Scarf – £14.99 – Let’s face it, this scarf was pretty much this close to getting a post all of it’s own. Perfect to keep me toast in Winter and it’s in my colours. HAIL SATAN (etc…)
2: Moon II T-shirt – £19.99 – Girl is a long time fan of Sailor Moon so this unisex tee pretty much spoke to me.
3: Heavy Fucking Metal Bobble Hat – £14.99   – I full appreciate a good bobble hat and a good cuss. This is effectively killing two birds with one stone.
4: Kitten Leggings – £14.99. Leggings. Covered in kittens. NEED I SAY MORE??
All Abandon Ship Apparel

My love for a good illustrated t-shirt is well documented and Glasgow based company Abandon Ship tick hunners of boxes for me – as well as enabling me in my quest to be a full time crazy cat lady.  Launched in 2011 by long time friends Richard Davies and Duncan Sweeney, the boys wanted to share their love of street wear and design. Although most of the design is in house, Abandon Ship frequently collaborate with illustrators and artists including A O N O, Long Fox and tattoo artist Darryl Mullen. 

Known for their limited edition t-shirts with very clean, graphic design, Abandon Ship have slowly become one of my favourite street wear brands (rivalling my cray cray stupid love for Bad Blood.) I’ve spent way too long on the website and adding to an ever growing wishlist. If I had to chose you can bet I’d be all over the kitten scarf (the boyface has promptly been sent a link to this post.) I’ll be creeping bag on the site in the NY to see what other tee’s the boys pull out the bag but for now I think I hear the sound of my bank balance weeping.


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