A Glasgow Girl’s Guide to the Alternative Christmas Shop: The BFF

Lipstick Broach (£6) Colour Me Ryan Gosling (£8) Leopard Pouch (£12) Polar Bear Jumper (£32)

Last year I featured a guide to my favourite indie Scottish retailers for picking up goodies for pretty much everyone in your life and since the red cups are back and the coca cola advert has aired (and thus officially kick starting corporate Christmas) I thought it was only right to bring back “A Glasgow Girl’s Guide.” I’ll be bringing focused posts for the good folk I’ll be buying for in my life – including BFF’s, secret santa’s, sibling shapes, parents and the like. To start off I thought I’d start off with a store focused post as I really think this place is the PERFECT place to pick up little treats for your BFF. 

La La Land – based in Decourcy’s Arcade in the West End of Glasgow is all about British design and has all sorts of goodies my best girl would be thrilled to find under her tree. It’s not bank blisteringly expensive so you can buy sweet goofy gifts (Colour Me in Ryan Gosling = hours of fun) or you could pick her up something cosy for Christmas day. The polar bear jumper looks super cosy and is the perfect thing to pull on for a night of Christmas movies (Elf, Home Alone and Love Actually…like you had to ask) and mulled wine.The lipstick broach I just thought was a really cute something extra and I am in LOVE with the OMG leopard pouch (also available in more personalised letters if that is more your bag.)

I really think La La Land is the perfect place to pick up bits and bobs for your bestie as it’s filled with loads of quirky wee goodies and varying price points so is great for some slightly bigger gifts and daft little stocking fillers. Their online book and zine collection is quite easily my favourite part of the site and I’m more than ready to pick myself up their Black Metal Paper Doll. For me. Naturally.

La La Land is open 7 days a week (closed for alternating days every week – check the facebook for dates) but for those of you who aren’t Glasgow (or indeed West End bound you lazy things) you can do the whole shopping thing via the website. I have no doubt there are going to be hunners of cray cray festive goodies on the run up to December but if you’re like me and like to get in early – this is one place you need to hit.


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