A Creep Inside My Handbag

My bag always has certain things in it – loose change, old receipts and at any given time 3 different lipsticks (usually 3 varying shades of the same colour.) Winter is coming though and as a result some guys become utter staples to get me through Glasgow winters and prevent me from being constantly chapped.  So here is a quick guide in to my more streamlined bag essentials.

A few obvious things first – mirror, purse and hairbrush because um? kind of accepted as a standard right.
Mascara – Dior Blackout: Makes my lashes all kinds of big, doesn’t clump and has been my standard mascara for the past year.
MAC Lady Danger: Something a bit brighter to dull the winter months. Keep it in my bag for slapping on if off to meet some folk and feel like looking all fancy.
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream: MANNA FROM HEAVEN. The second we hit October this guy falls in to my bag as a standard. This multi purpose beauty product is my saving grace and I pretty much use it for everything. Sorts out my lips, dry hands as well as for tidying up unruly eyebrows and keeping my Barnett in check.  Often used on my cheeks as a quick highlighter to polish me up.  Also not going to lie – love the smell.
Kiehl’s Lip Balm: Dry lips are a big thing for me. After 8 hour cream is my favourite lip cream.
Serge Lutens Bois de Vanille: My new favourite perfume and perfect for the winter. A woody vanilla with hints of licorice and coconut.  A sophisticated warming scent.

Any little beauty babes that are in your handbag as standard in the Winter?


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