USC: Changing Perceptions and My Top Picks

Since pretty much forever I’ve always passed USC when doing my rounds of the shops on Buchanan Street. It would barely merit a passing glance from me. In my head it had been filed firmly away in the “Places Claire Will Never Shop” box. It was where people went for hoodies and trainers and it just always seemed a bit…..meh. Then I got an invite to a Ladies Night they were hosting to launch their new concession Lashes. It was right on my door step and there was promise of cake so I thought what the harm?
What I did not expect was to go in and find so many pieces that I flat out adored. Sure there was still remnants of what I thought of what USC was but for the most part was surprised by how many pieces I felt I need in my wardrobe…like yesterday. Chunky knits with leather panels and studs, gold laser cut skirts, panelled leggings, sheer high low hem dresses, baroque detailing on t-shirts, aviator jackets – where have you been all my life?
The truth is USC reminds  me of an ASOS on the high street. They have loads of great brands, including ones exclusive to them – yet without the same strong brand identity as ASOS. USC could easily be your one stop place for up to date fashion pieces, especially if you – like me – love trying things on before buying. The problem is USC still don’t seem to know what they want to be and they need a stronger brand message about who they are. The store layout still feels quite tight and I felt I actually had to look for the pieces – and there is loads of them but it all felt very hidden away. USC are bang on trend when it is coming to product and the quality of the pieces they are getting in – their own label Abandon was a favourite of mine – but they still have some way to go on finding the right message to fit with where they appear to be going.
I do love finding unexpected places to pick up goodies and was really impressed by the stock USC had on offer – so here are a few of my top picks.

Abandon Bobby Box Top – £28. Nice shape, nice price, faux leather. In to my life please.
Lashes Dip Dye Dress – £42. My game changer dress. Green and black and sheer. Perfect for layering.
Reverse Stud Jumper – £48. Hot pink jumper with leather shoulders and black studs. DREAM.
House of Dereon Leather Look Leggings – £60. Nice and thick – I’m not going to get over leather panelled leggings any time soon.

It’s not my typical high street shop – but in store and online they had some genuinely really gorgeous pieces and is the ideal place to pick up some nice on trend pieces without looking like you have had a good big old roll around Topshop or Primark. While USC is not quite on my regulars list – after finally giving them a chance it’s safe to say I’m a convert.
Not your typical high street store but worth your time and your dollah.


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