Smoke bombs and early rises: Behind the scenes with GUM

Monday morning and it’s half 6 in the morning and I’m standing outside of my flat with a suitcase waiting for a taxi. No, I’m not going on holiday. I’m styling a shoot for Glasgow University Magazine or as it’s more commonly known as GUM. I’ve got pegs, a steamer and tape somewhere at the bottom of my bag. I unpacked my bags, taped the shoes before being interviewed (“Are you a stylist?” “Um…no, maybe, sometimes?”) before heading out. The weather was perfect although I did have a heart attack watching our model Lauren climb over the barrier on the bridge. I found myself making smoke inbetween fixing shawls and changing shoes. All in all I’ve had worse days and I can’t wait for the shoot to be out. If you’re based in Glasgow I’ll be expecting you to pick up a copy.


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