OOTD – London Times Part Uno

Jacket – Charity Shop (£8), Snood – Primark (£5), Sunglasses – Primark menswear (£1), Leopord Shirt – Tatty Bon (£14), Jumper – H&M (£8), Trousers – H&M (£10). Boots – New Look (£22), Bag – Primark (£3)

Anyone who follows me on the old twitterbot will know me and the boyshape made a recent saunter on down to London town. We booked ourselves a flat via airbnb so scored ourselves a penthouse out in Seven Sisters – so it was super easy to get about plus we had all the room in the world. Perfect for those nights of snuggling up with a munch and the X-Factor. 

It was my first time to London since I was 10 (went with the Brownies…naturally) and as expected completely in love with the place. We arrived early on the Friday morning so did all our touristy things (House of Parliament, Emmeline Pankhurst monument, Big Ben) before grabbing ourselves some tickets for Wicked (which is everything people say and more, One Short Day made the internal jukebox.)

Saturday was the first day we were actually human so a wee Morrisey fanboy trip to Sloane Square (where everyone seems to wear sunglasses) before heading to the Saatchi for the Karl Lagerfeld Little Black Jacket exhibition. Defo one to catch if you can. This was followed by a trip to Camden, a saunter in to town for the massive Topshop before have a good old explore round Soho. We ended up finding the most amazing mexican between a sex shop and massage parlour which sold the most amazing wet burritos and made margaritas every which way. Dessert ended up in Scoop for some gelato. Dark chocolate sorbet may have actually been the best thing I’ve ever tasted. I was ready to up and leave the boy and run off with it right there and then.

It’s starting to look like all I did  was eat and shop – which to be fair isn’t that far off the truth.

Where we went:
El Camion – make your burrito wet. WORTH IT.
Scoop – The best gelato I’ve ever had. I’m pretty much ready to replace every meal with the dark chocolate sorbet
Little Black Dress Exhibition – Till November 4th. One of my favourite things.  There is also an amazing market right outside the Saatchi, one guy was selling the most amazing goats cheese ever. Also nearly spent all my money in Taschen because RESPONSIBLE.
Wicked – Just so you know, on the day of the show they release 24 stall seats in the front row for £27.50 (48 if a matinee day.) There was people camping there at 7 in the morning when we arrived. We did however arrive at the box office at 10 to 10 and when we were served there was one left so worth chancing it.
Airbnb – Never using hotels. Ever again.


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