Running for Rape Crisis Scotland: My first 10k

 (My race number, me looking completely baffled by my token medal, my sisterling offering moral support.)

Today two months of training finally came together and I completed my first 10k. I’m not going to lie I was terrified. I barely slept the night before and the fact that I’ve got quite the sexy cold at the moment doesn’t help matters. I was convinced that today would end with me dribbling and wheezing to the finish line.

Turns out all that training paid off. I’ve been running 4-5 times a week increasing my distance each time, this week running 3 8.5k. Not in an astounding time or anything but without my legs collapsing from beneath me. This accompanied with weights, spin and a “LOL but it will be funny” attitude had me pretty much set to go. 

It was a longer run than I’d ever done with more hills than I’m used to but I managed to keep a steady pace and clocked in with a time of 1hour 13minutes and 13seconds (gothing it up much?). This was about the time I’d been doing for my 8.5k runs so was super pleased that I managed to make it across the line. I can’t wait for my next 10k and am convinced I’m going to sign up for the half-marathon next year.

It wasn’t all about the whole sense of “personal achievement” though. I was (still am) raising money for Rape Crisis Scotland. Rape is still a stigma in our society and not something freely talked about and victim blaming is pretty much still a thing. Rape Crisis offers support to victims no matter how long ago the abuse happened but also work to changing laws and changing attitudes. It’s not “Don’t get raped” as much as “Don’t Rape” which should be obvious but with all this chat of “legitimate rape” “poor sexual etiquette” and “not really rape rape” just confirmed that this was the charity that I wanted to run for. I was interviewed about doing my first 10k for itv (surreal) and so far have managed to raise over £200 for the charity which is crazy amazing and I’m so thankful for everyones generosity.
We’ll resume normal service later this week- got a host of  wonderful designers I can’t wait to share with you all but for the past few months working towards this has been my priority and I’ve loved every minute. Well okay….the minutes where I wasn’t a sweaty gross mess wishing for death and tropicana.
You can read my interview with itv here.
Want to read more about the cause and hell…even donate? Go to my workwithus page (like justgiving without charging the charity)
Want to know more about Rape Crisis Scotland? Visit their site here.


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