On a more serious note:

As I mentioned in my last post I signed up for a 10k, which quite frankly is rediculous.
I’m not much of a runner, and if you told
me I’d have been doing this a year ago I would have flat out laughed in
your face. Heavy smoker who couldn’t sprint for a train let alone run a
Well I ditched the fags, joined the gym and while I won’t be
signing up for any marathons in the near future I have taken to
running. The whole training process has been shameful with me
obsessively reading running tips online – leading to me singing happy
birthday to myself as I make my way round Glasgow Green and earning a
few odd looks along the way. Anyway after heeming, hawing and generally
being completely evasive about the whole thing I decided to sign up for
the Great Scottish Run. Money down, no escape.
Around 400,000
women are sexually assaulted and 80,000 women are raped each year in the
U.K. (British Crime Survey 2010/2011) and only 10% of rape cases in
Scotland are prosecuted (Rape Crisis Scotland 2011.)
Rape Crisis Scotland is such a wonderful charity, having been at the forefront for
campaigning against sexual violence for over 30 years – changing
attitudes and changing laws. They offer helplines, crisis centres,
therapy, access to counselling no matter how long ago the attack
happened. Their campaigns including “This is not an invitation to rape
me”, “Pie Chart Postcard” and “10 Top Tips to End Rape” focus more on
changing attitudes from a victim blaming culture, and what she’s
wearing/drinking shouldn’t be seen as “asking for it.”
ITCOW, it has always been important for me to raise money for women’s
charities – and I would like to continue supporting charities like Rape
Crisis Scotland who provide the support needed for victims of rape as
well as money towards their campaigns.
I’m running on the 2nd of
September and if you could find anything to go towards supporting this
charity I would be crazy grateful.
 If you would like to donate please go to my workwithus page here and donate anything you can. Sexual violence is still something people don’t talk about openly and I think it is so important that charities like Rape Crisis Scotland are there to change attitudes and help those in need.



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