L’Oreal Youth Code Day Cream Review

I’ve been looking for the perfect face cream for forever. My skin is that super fun combo of dry/greasy/tired. While I may not be able to really judge if it works well as an anti-wrinkle cream, as a moisturiser this guy is pretty much the dogs bollocks.
For me – the sign of a good moisturiser is how much it can save ones skin in the face of adversity and I’ve pretty much put this guy through the wringer in the past few months. Hangovers, weddings, dry skin days, graduations – this guy has seen pretty much all of it. As a rule, if I’ve had a hard night and my skins looking like it’s having a hard day I am all about the moisturiser. I graduated from the school of thought of if you’re hungover and have to look passable – a good deal of good moisturising products will make you look like you are considerably less dead.
The white cream has a nice consistency – somewhere between a moisturiser and a cream. It’s not so heavy duty that it will sit on your face but it isn’t so light that your skin is left feeling parched either. It’s slightly scented which I know isn’t for everyone but I barely noticed it. It’s a moisturiser where I can’t think of anything bad to say about it. I’ve just finished my first pot and while I really really liked it, it’s not quite true love yet. It’s done my skin a hell of good and is in the short list of best moisturisers I’ve used but I’m not quite ready to give up on my search for the holy grail of face creams.
It’s on offer at Boots £10.20 opposed to £15.30 and works a treat and I will be picking up another pot of it, adopting it as my standard till I find something superior. Worth a shot if you’re looking for something that isn’t horrendously expensive that does the trick.


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