Living with chronic bitch face

 Midi-dress – Asos – £12, Jacket – Topshop – £52, Belt- Topshop – £25, Bag – Primark – £3, Cigerette trousers – Whistles – £35, Shoes – Office  – Gift from friend

It’s safe to say I suffer from chronic bitch face. I promise you all I am only a miserable cow some of the time.
Wore this get up to go see The Dark Knight Rises with the boy. “You look nice.” A rare compliment? Pour moi? “Shame about the animal print, not sure what was going on there.”  SO CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR. The boy graduated from the school of Mr.Cash. Black everything and it gets hsi seal of approval. My love for garish gold, animal print and lipstick does not go down too well.
I’d already seen TDKR (5am showing with the Batman special of rockstar and cereal in tupperware) and I loved it so more than happy to see it again. An imperfect film but a perfect end to the trilogy and an utter babe fest to boot.  Plus I’m pretty sure I still want to be Marion Cotillard, even if she was bit crap (just a bit.)
For the most part this outfit is like wearing some of my favourite things at once. Leather jacket, studded belt and bag are always on heavy rotation. The shoes are a long time favourite that I HAVE to get rid of. I have worn them to death to the point there is metal starting to stick through them people. I came home from the cinema and had to bandage my feet up because of these guys. The thing is I used to be able to wear them all day and I’d be grand. What happened? Why did you betray me shoes? I hate having such an emotional investment in some pieces and still can’t get it in my head when it’s the right time to LET GO. They aren’t something that are going to get better with age damnit. My poor bandaged feet say the time is now.
I can’t be the only one that’s held on to worn out pieces for too long right?


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