The Balletcats: Sunday Delight

The Balletcat’s are easily one of my favourite brands. The brain child of Indonesian graphic designer/visual artist/cat snob Jordan Marzuki and fashion student Fatriana Zukhra are all about cute illustrated prints on clothes, which I am easily in to.
 With their fancy limited edition t-shirts (the couple who communicate with cats seems to be perpetually out of stock is part of my fantasy t-shirt collection) – but what I really enjoy is their SWEET “the entire cat population is my best friend” jumper because…you know story of my life.

 The unisex sweatshirt with embroidered letters clocks in at 35 of your US dollars, but unsurprisingly is sold out after its second run. Now it may be a tad obsessive to check the site every other day to see if they are releasing another run of these guys but let’s face it, I pretty much need this guy. I’d where it with everything.


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