On Dapper Cats

Without sounding too much like a crazy cat lady or an internet cliche, I think it is a fair enough estimation to make that if you put a cat/kitten on something I’m probably going to like it. At least a little bit. Add some monocles and moustaches in the mix (a winning combo sans cats any day) and you my friend are on to a sure fire winner. It pretty much takes all my self control (and one look at my bank balance) not to say HERE IS ALL MY MONEY FOR YOU, PLEASE TAKE IT INTERNET. Thankfully We Are The Robot’s Dapper Cat Badges manage to keep my bank balance from flying way too far in to the red while managing to delight me to no end. It really is the simple things.

 Available in 5 different options featuring a range of endearing, ridiculous and damn right fucking adorable cats, We are The Robots Dapper Cat badges are easily one of my favourite things at the moment. The inoffensive price point of £4 a piece is bang tidy and means I no longer have to choose between food and my horrendous kitten habit.  It’s a simple idea, cute, fun and would adore to see this on more animals and for different seasons. Dapper Otter anyone? A selection of Festive Sloths? Sugar gliders in sweatbands? The list is endless!
If you’re Glasgow bound, We Are the Robots are a regular at Granny Would Be Proud Fair’s, but if you are bed ridden/based outside my fair city you can also buy them directly online. Hurrah!


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