Mm This better not awaken anything in me OOTD

jacket – vintage – £15, Trousers – h&m – £10, black tee (if you don’t have one what is wrong with your life), Bag – £3 – Primark, Shoes – Urban Outfitters – 2 Sales ago, £35ish, Necklace – h&m – £10, ring – heirloom, Glasses – Primark – £1

So the weather has decided to be distinctly less shit and I’ve decided to stop wearing black (lies) but at least you know, wear something that isn’t just jeans and a t-shirt or gym gear. My beloved boy believes I look like Mr T had sex with a dalmatian. He keeps me grounded.
I picked up some new trousers from h&m because a)affordable b)fricking dalmatian print and c)although perpetually broke when did I start justifying myself to the internet. Anyway I have all these clothes/shoes things I never wear. I mean slouchy bag and black t-shirt are pretty much the bread and butter of my life but yellow jacket has been worn ONCE in like 2 years, and I’ve never been able to bring myself to throw it out. Perhaps me and it can have another wee romance? The shoe boots tend to go in and out my life, mostly because if I’m wearing a heel I really like to fucking commit to it and they kind of feel like a cop out. They are actually stupidly comfortable – not marathon comfortable but you know, saunter worthy.
Current staples of my life at the moment are black tipped nails. I’m still a special kind of stupid when it comes to painting my nails, so this works for me without having to go all french. Plus the matte effect makes it looks like latex which I am entirely in to.

Other than co-ercing the boy to take multiple pictures of my outfit (where the fuck did my chin go/I distinctly remember not having raptor arms) I’ve been living in my gym gear. I got myself a personal trainer for a month (grad present to me) and genuinely improved my fitness crazy amounts (see can lift weights that are only slightly less embarrassing and jog without completely wanting to kill myself.) Anyway as part of my new years resolutions I was all like “I’m going to do a 10k. It will be fucking hilarious.” So yeah, I’ve been “running” for like…2 weeks, and I’ve signed up for the Great Scottish Run. Like money down craziness. I am so fricking nervous. Trying to decide which charity I would like to raise money for…I’m wavering between Rape Crisis Scotland or Glasgow Women’s aid. Both charities are super wonderful (raised money for them via ITCOW) and deserving of all the £££ they can get, but would be nice to raise a pretty sum for my first run. Feel free to vote for your choice here or below in the comments.

Other than that I am (mostly) keeping out of trouble, (mostly) keeping busy and (mostly) adapting to life outside of uni. I also learned I’m pretty good at pool. Banging.


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