DIY Nails do Nail Decals

Fashion at the moment has a real knack for making me feel old at the moment. Camo jackets, flashes of leopard print – I’m flashing back to 10 years ago where I was all about platform shoes, cropped tshirts (shouldn’t have worn them then, still can’t really wear them now) and crimped hair. I could never have predicted the return of creepers or back packs (though given this whole post-modern nostalgia/kitsch thing we’ve been on for the last 10 years I can’t say I’m too surprised) and I never saw nail decals becoming a thing again.Packed away among my stargazer nail art pens, Dream Phone and glittery spaghetti tops from Tammy Girl, live nail decals. Naturally I’m thrilled they are back because I am all incompetent to the point of ridiculousness when it comes to nail art. I can’t ever give myself a basic flat colour without it being uneven/chipped and/or lumpy.

I’m a long time fan of DIY Nails, the masterful Tammy designing some mega sweet nails for ITCOW as well as creating some cray cray gorgeous designs with Isolated Heroes, Hair for Heroes and a totally beautiful nail collaboration with Abandon Ship to raise money for Crohns disease. Other than having the best heart, all the talent and being an all round babe – Tammy’s launched a new collection of new nail decals to help us nail fail girls look our fiercest. Naturally.
Think like minx but a whole lot cooler. For one thing – you can get yourself some sweet designs of Tammy’s gorgeous pug (and DIY Nails Mascot Betty) for your nail art, as well as galaxy prints, peace signs, crosses, letters – and my personal favourite – happy cat faces. I am totally in love with these guys. Every single thing Tammy puts out (including her new dip dyed Betty Bags) makes me want to throw money at my computer and be like TAKE IT ALL TAMMY, TAKE ALL THE MONEY I HAVE. Now while I am a special kind of destitute at the moment (the joys of being a fresh graduate) that doesn’t mean I can’t still make my nails look all pretty. Tammy’s decals are priced at a super accessible and pocket friendly £4 – with options to have custom designs as well as decals attached to her trademark falsies and sent straight to your door.
I think I will wait till my nails stop being flaketacular at the moment, but I’ve totally got my heart/eyes set on some happy cats, letters and some galaxy print. I have to say the video tutorial on the site makes the whole decal thing pretty unfuckupable. Even for me. All you need is some water, some clear polish and a semi-steady hand. BANGING.
Now just open your own nail salon already Tammy so I can get my nails did all the time.


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