Kiehl’s Skincre – Ultra Cleanser and Ultra Light Daily Moisturiser

I really want to like Kiehl’s, I truly do. I kind of love their simple packaging. It feels like it should be good for you and do good by you and general work like an utter boss. I’m not saying I don’t like Kiehl’s but hell, I wasn’t bowled over.
It does feel that I am on some perpetual quest to find the “ULTIMATE SKINCARE ROUTINE”(tm) and thought Kiehl’s would be worth a shout. I liked the idea of it being gentle on the skin, and without anything that would strip my skin of essential oils. Also hello moisturiser with a decent SPF.
First the cleanser. The actual cleanser is translucent white and quite tacky. A 20p size blob will do so get a good clean. It’s not the ideal cleanser for melting the make up off your face but as a basic face wash it fares pretty well. You get a fair wack, 150ml and the formula is fragrance free so should suit more skin types.I picked it up on promo for £11, which suits me as seems on par with price of most decent drug store cleansers. It’s usually £15-17 a pop and it just doesn’t deliver enough for me to justify that kind of price range. It’s nice enough but ineffective for heavy make up removal and if I’m completely honest I found it a bit drying. 5/10 for this guy.
The moisturiser was more my style as I’ve been looking for a new one for ages and low and behold it’s got a respectable SPF. I’m sure I don’t need to wax lyrical about the benefits of protecting your skin, but since my foundation is sans sun protection I thought I needed to sort myself out with a moisturiser. It’s very light, sinks well in to the skin and make-up goes well on top of this. It is however very very light. I need something a little bit industrial for my thirsty skin, and while I haven’t gone flake city or anything I still feel like my skin isn’t fully hydrated. For a different skin type this would be perfect. At £31 it is a bit steep and I’m not sure if I’d go for this again, but if you want a fragrance-free light moisturiser then 6/10 for this guy.
So it would look like I’ll be continuing my quest for the holy grail of skin care continues, what works and what doesn’t cost all the money, and would it hurt for some cute packaging? If you find anything that suits let me know!


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