circus freaks and kittens – some bad ass painted plates

Zombies, kittens and bearded ladies. Someone has been reading my memos. I’ve been going through a phase of wanting to totally refurb my flat, and been wanting to fill my walls with beautiful things. While I’m all about finding mirrors and paintings at car boots, making bunting and fawning over prints online, I have the softest spot for painted plates, and none get my heart swooning like these bad boys. While the charity shop standard tends to be ships or pretty florals Beat up Creations are all about animal portraits, horror icons and side show freaks. I think the idea is super cute, appropriating vintage plates and heat sealing cool images to keep them looking bad ass. I mean sure I like me some pretty flowers, but I have to say I’m kind of over pretty pretty, and like fuck am I ever going to have a home that bitches want to save to their pinterest for future reference of inspo. I want some beautiful fucking art on my walls that makes my house a home. If I can legit drop money on fancy ass bed sheets (worth every god damn penny) I can surely afford some sweet ass art.
Prices vary floating between £20-£150. Now if I had me some crazy money you can bet your bottom dollar I’d be buying every god damn plate I could, but that is some fancy ass pricing for a young graduate. For now it totally serves as aspirational living, and I will keep my eyes on the charity shops/car boots for odd curiosities. 
You can get yourself some sweet  plates over on etsy (a goldmine for amaze house stuff if your bank balance is ready to weep.)


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