We Are Faux – Eyelashes Review

It isn’t every day a girl gets to wear fake lashes – best saved for fancy nights out where I can coerce a friend with a steadier hand to help me out, however We Are Faux have been floating about my radar for a while now and when Ana Cruzalegui asked if I’d be interested in trying some out what else was I supposed to say?

We Are Faux is designed by international make-up artist Cruzalegui, who’s worked for Vanity Fair, Agent Provocateur and Betsey Johnson. Her collection of 21 lashes inspired by music, fashion in beauty has designs to suit everyone, from a more natural elegant look to some cray cray glittery studded lashes.  I went for the most insane lashes possible – sampling me some of GORGEOUS “Rosebud” lashes. These lashes are massive. Studs with green and navy throughout made them have an almost violet sheen to them which I loved. I have to say when I was having them applied (I feel like such a diva having my lashes did, but seriously if I didn’t have someone helping me out they would have been down my face within 20 minutes) I was dreading the weight of them. I was like…”Yeah I’m going to look like a BAMF but I’m going to be sporting some serious droopy eye before the night is out.” That said, they were no way as heavy as I thought they were going to be. I mean yes, I could feel them, I was aware I had lashes on but hell – look at em, how could I not, but they were surprisingly comfortable. What I was most impressed by was how bloody long the lashes lasted. I wore them on set for the Obscure Couture filming and it was a long night, and there was no way I was easy on those lashes, yet they saw me to the bitter end (about 7am the next morning when I remembered to take them off.)

The lashes after a hard night are totally good for another few wears (no studs or lashes lost over the course of the evening, winner!)  While something as dramatic as Rosebud is best for when you are looking for something that extra bit ott, I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair of Sasco – I feel like my life could be vastly improved by more crystals, or the equally gorgeous Rubia – because there is never enough black and gold in my life.

Lashes vary from £9-12 a pair and are available in Superdrug, La La Land and directly via the site.
You can keep up with Ana’s work directly via her facebook and follow We Are Faux here.  


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