behind the lithium party

Saturday night and I find myself in a flat in the West End wearing far
too much eye shadow and maybe just the right amount of glitter and
surrounded by some of the fiercest bitches in Glasgow. Smoke machines,
pink lights and empty bottles of Obscure Couture champagne set the scene
for the filming of the “come down” of the Lithium Party -Scottish design duo Obscure Couture’s latest collection . The fashion film follows a 24 hours of
fucked up fierce debauchery. With some cray cray talent behind it all
(Lou Clave on hair, Ana Cruzalegui
on make up) with Laura McMonagle starring the results are going to be
sickening. I found myself on set of the “dirty party”, all tattoos and
fucked up glamour. A little bit gritty and a whole lot sleazy. Empty
bottles, swinging from chandeliers, climbing through windows and all
sorts of madness.

Lots of studs, fake eyelashes and mix of bright metallics and jewel tones for Laura, while all us extras were in a mix of blacks, greys, all the eyeliner in the world pretty much set the scene for the filming. I loved the Obscure Couture champagne bottles so much and Ana’s make up designs for the video were insane. Had a flick through the book and HOLY FUCK, I cannot wait to see them on the small screen. Everything they do over at OC they do without compromising their vision or buying in to trends, so seeing something like this come together is amazing. It’s a massive project but if anyone can pull it over it’s the girls over at the house of Obscurity! I have no doubt the finished project will be a luxe, decedant and all round fucking insane – but would you expect anything less?


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