The Behemoth Collection – surrealist millinery from Rene Walrus

 You know what I love? Sequins, veils and heavy dose of some
crazy drama. When I saw Rene Walrus’s “The Behemoth Collection” at Nightwalk I
audibility gasped. Like seriously breathe taken away, glassy eyed, millinery of
my dreams kind of shit going on.

Surreal, decadent and just all kinds of beautiful crazy, the
collection nods to The Master & Margarita, Against Nature, Fear &
Loathing in Las Vegas
with a wee wink and a nudge to Jeff Koons & Takahashi Murakami. Bitch
please. It is seriously like someone has been reading my mind.  Straw braiding, silk veiling, hand dyed
ostrich feathers and all the sequins in the world – HIYAS. It was all bows,
fringing, veils and cartoon shapes which I think I’m safe in saying is something
we can all get on board with yes?

Janet McCrorie, the grand dame behind all this dreamy
madness is all about combining couture embroidery and surrealism to create the
most gorgeous accessories ever. Edinburgh
based, she spends her time creating her collections – a combination behind
forward planning and happy accidents to create bespoke couture pieces.
Specialising in bridal, she’s expanded in to more editorial one off pieces –
like the INSANELY good sequined lips veil. 

You can creep more of Rene Warlus’s design via her website, her blog….and if you fancy buying some sweet millinery you can bag yourself some at Not Just a Label.

Photos via Bartosz Madejski


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