Thursday morning and I’m standing in a bath tub with a sock covering my head. This sounds like the start to a very bad horror film, or the end of a very good night. I’ve been asked to be part of amazing Glasgow make-up artist Kaeleigh Wallace’s “Criminals” project. Over the next year she’ll be photographing and styling her favourite Glasgow creatives in her trademark make-up in a series of highly stylised mug shots. Shot in her bathroom on a digital camera to keep a gritty feel, the run feels like a mix of Terry Richardson, Miles Aldridge and David Lachapelle. My look was “Pompom extravaganza.” Lots of glitter, lashes, blue lipstick and massive hair and pop poms bloody everywhere. The Lagerfeldesque collar Kaeleigh made for me was amazing but totally felt like a neck brace, and there really is something disconcerting about someone taking your photo while you have a pair of tights over your head, but Wallace put me at complete ease.
So far she’s shot a mix of photographers, models and performers. For me being in front of the camera (and indeed in the make up chair) was completely surreal but it was a complete blast. Kaeleigh has an amazing vision and I can’t wait to see what other photos come out the project over the next couple of months.
Anyway below are the results of the shoot.

Hair/MU/Styling & Photography – Kaeleigh Wallace. Follow a sister here.


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