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I’m a long time fan of Glasgow based jeweller Bonnie Bling. Conceived over a bottle of wine and a love of scottish slang, Bonnie Bling has went from strength to strength – her custom knuckledusters gracing the hands of Amelia Lily, Laura Whitmore and Lana del Ray. She’s collaborated with Raksa, Obscure Couture and Riverside Museum as well as showing at In the Company of Wolves in October. With her designs to expand (first Scotland, then the world) Bonnie Bling has her eyes set on a new laser and has launched a crowd funding project to pull this sweet baby together.
Crowd-funding in a social enterprise which helps projects start up new ideas by asking people to pledge some sweet dollar towards making their projects happen. This can be anything from starting a magazine, getting money to make a film or hell evene purchase a brand new freaking laser.
Crowd-funding works on an all or nothing type deal. If the target amount of dollah isn’t reacher, no money exchanges hands. However if you hit target you help some sweet creatives make something fantastic happen, and can get some pretty sweet treats as a result. Bonnie Bling is trying to raise seven and a half big ones to buy a laser cutter so she can increase turn around and be more reactionary. As a result more sweet sweet Bling. You can donate at little as 5 of your British pounds with different tiered rewards system as a thank you.
Bonnie Bling have 57 days to reach target, so dig deep and score yourself a wee Bonnie Bling supporters badge and support local design…and buy some frickin laser (cutters.)
You can donate here to help big up Bonnie Bling.


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