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About 80% of the time my nails are a hot mess. Chipped, peeling and uneven. I’ve not got the patience/skill to do my nails myself so Salute is pretty much a dream come true. Set in the heart of the Barrowlands in B.A.AD, Salute spans two floors and pretty much feels like coming home. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s painstakingly cool with its limited edition art print, dj booth and skull paraphernalia but it still feels like the place for your every girl.Salute is the brain child of Danity Blame – who puts down the birth of Salute to her desire for their to be a place for people to come get some sick as fuck nails but in a social atmosphere. This is the place you and your girlies go before a night out. Get some prosecco, some tunes and some nails art. For me it was flicking through some mags, drinking coffee and generally getting the feel for the whole ethos behind the place.Salute’s been open less than two weeks but Danity’s already setting to make the nail boutique a destination arts hub for finding cool new products from designers with a mix of street punk ethos and all out fucking glam. It’s all shades and gold nail rings in store, but the website it looking like it’s going to be something special. For Danity it’s about keeping it fresh, citing boredom as one of the contibuting factors for Salute’s rise. It’s all about not letting things get stale and always doing new exciting things, which let’s face it, I’m all over.I mean don’t get me wrong, I love doing a shop or a movie with my friends but the idea of us heading down to get our nails all gussied up on an afternoon and catch up on everything is a fucking dream. Salute has a real chilled out atmosphere but has this real attitude at the centre of it. It’s about having your own style and being comfortable in it, so there is this real heart at the centre of it.
Prices are reasonable. I paid £30 to get myself some witchy glitter acrylics from the amazing Lisa. I went for long pointed talons, mastered typing but still need to figure out how to open diet coke and peel oranges. Tips of the trade from nail vets would be a treat btw.
Salute is open Thursdays-Sundays and you can book yourself some fancy ass treatments and find more about em over on their old facebook.


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