Design Collective Scotland Spotlight: Emily Lamb

It’s a cold and dreary Thursday night, yet I find myself in the decedent surroundings of the Rox Thrill Room. I’m here for the latest collections from Design Collective Scotland – a collective of like minded talented young designers working to build and develop Glasgow’s ever evolving fashion scene. Knitwear, shoes and geometric prints are what’s to be expected and quite frankly I could not be more excited. So with cocktail and hand, camera ready to snap I prepare myself for the latest catwalk colletion from The Collective.
The Design Collective Scotland is made of of three emerging contemporary designers including Marc Ross, Di Gilpin and today’s focus Emily Lamb.
Emily Lamb set up shop in 2010, creating beautiful handmade shoes in Scotland sourced from leather in the U.K. Every pair is made to order and her ethos is set in making sexy,beautiful and timeless creations for women’s feet.Her designs are eclectic and fun ranging from romantic, to classic to sexy. I love the hot pink design of Sophia. For me it evokes feelings of a contemporary Marie Antoinette. The green t-bar that is Yamilex is unusual but very wearable and the injection of colour keeps the shoe feeling fresh, young and exciting. The black Ofelia with diamond panelling feels fun while the open toed black Carmen lends more of an edge to Lamb’s collection. The predominant feature through her collection seems to be experimentation – and you can tell they have been designed by a shoe lover. They evoke a sense of grown up whimsy with flashes of colour and unusual detailing. The shoes featured here are priced between £220 -£320, and considering they are made to order in Scotland with U.K leather would say that is not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

You can buy Emily Lamb Shoes directly from her website. Follow her on facebook here.
To find out more about Design Collective Scotland follow them on facebook at “Design Collective Scotland.”

Emily Lamb will be featuring on a panel for Glasgow Film Festival at the UK premier of God Save My Shoes on the 24th February. Buy tickets here.


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