Blythswood Rainforest Facial

2 weeks of late nights, canapes and cocktails. I make it sound like such a chore don’t I? While there are elements of working with in Glasgow Film Festival that all sound glamorous and fantastic – dead skin, festival lurgy and little sleep is not. Post festival I look like the worst version of myself. My best attempts to go to the gym, eat well and generally act like a real human being fell by the wayside in favour of picking up rails in taxis,making nice with pop ups and a lot of printing. The offer of trying out the new iLA Rainforest facial post festival sounded completely dreamy.
As always the staff at the Blythswood were nothing but helpful, and I had a good steam down in the thermal experience before my facial. I was greeted by Sally, who really I cannot praise enough. She was attentive, informative and was really put at ease by her presence. She really was wonderful and you could tell she was passionate about the treatment as she gave me a history of iLA and the whole spiritual aspect behind the treatment as she washed my feet (apparently to get rid of any negativity.) It was all shaman woman and amazonian jungles, which sounds lovely but a bit flowery for my taste. The organic nature of the treatment and the use of natural products however was something I found really interesting, and would love to find out more about the actual properties of the oils in the treatments and how they affect your body.
The facial itself is unique in the fact it’s suitable for pregnant woman (even in first trimester) which I know a few of my girlies will be glad to hear. It’s designed to revitalise the skin and after an hour my skin just looked brand new. It was plumper and more even. I floated out the Blythswood (there is really no other word for it) feeling ready to take on the world, or at the very least another festival.
But first, sleep.

The Rainforest facial is available at the Blythswood Spa for £80. They have a mothers day deal on where you can book your mum in for the new Rainforest facial with Thermal Experience for £95. My mum’s already been hinting….


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