Scottish Jeweller Jane Gowans Valentines Pop Up

I do know Valentines isn’t really every ones “thing.” Me? I’m in it for the abundance of red and pink glitter that explodes over her shops to help ease sale ennui. Heart shaped chocolates and cuddly toys bearing saccharine sweet sentiments of faux romance are overrated, I hear ya. Quite frankly I’d rather sit in with a take out and some Clint films than face the V-Day hordes.
Jane Gowans limited edition Valentine’s day collection however kills the cynic in me with it’s hopeful Romanticism and playful illustrated store front.Gowans has created a five piece collection for her Online Valentine’s Shop centred round the heart. While the heart motif can at times come across as cliched and tired, here it feels fun, playful and contemporary (I have the softest of spots for oxidised silver.) The campaign on the run up to the release of the online pop up has been really fun – with cheeky limericks creeping up in my inbox and sly hints on my twitter feed. Finally the pop up has been launched with this gorgeous cover design by super talented Glasgow illustrator “The Earl Grey“.Gowans Valentine collection is beautiful with a mix of silver and oxidised black silver. My favourite piece has to be the stackable heart rings, one in silver and oxidised silver please? At £30 a pop I’m sure if I bat my lashes (or forego my love of fancy sandwiches for a fortnight) I’ll be able to make one of these bad boys mine. The most expensive items in the valentine pop up are the 2 different earring designs both clocking in at £50 a pop. Entirley inoffensive. Something that soothes the soul after a month of “economising” and watching the pennies. Gowans is an incredibly talented jeweller and her contemporary designs manage to be both fun while remaining elegant. Something for my ever growing wish list then?


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