one of those here outfit post guys

Jacket – £3.50 Charity Shop, Shirt – £10, Primark menswear, Trousers – £10 hnm, Boots – £60 Topshop

I’m not usually one for outfit posts – mostly due to the fact I’m rubbish at using self timer and angling my camera at a high enough angle. Recruiting pals to take pictures of me make me feel a little bit like a tool (and a few folk at the bar did seem to wonder what the fuck I was doing next to the stairs)…..but I got a new camera for Christmas and I would like to actually use it.
Anyway I wore this guy for lunch at The Butterfly and Pig with the bestie. Shared a main meal (which even split was crazy massive) and had a wee bit of wine – which lead to some late afternoon tipsy shopping. I realised a little bit late in the day that I was pretty much a bowtie away from looking like a bad knock off of the eleventh Doctor, the Scottish ginger in tow didn’t really help matters. That said – worse things I could take my sartorial influence from. Link


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