on the sickest hair i ever did see

It’s been a long time coming. Jeremey Scott with his dip dyes last year, Bleach X Barbie’s collab – to Glasgow’s Dawntroversial’s experimentation with galaxy hair – it’s looking like 2012 really is the year for coloured hair.
I’ve been battling to get back to my natural colour for a while now – to the point where I seem to be sporting some sort of reverse ombre…so what’s changed. I’ve put it through the ringer the past seven years and I could almost feel it scapper back in to my head when I started cooing at the pastel shades littering my tumblr dashboard. Surely the help of a professional and a good semi-permanent would put my weeping hair to rest?
In truth it’s all Lou Clavé’s fault. Clavé and her FLAWLESS hair skills.
These sneaky peaky pictures found cropped up on my facebook feed….”pics from shoot with Levi Macdonald.” Only one of my favourite Glasgow photogs (think ethereal and dreamy as fuck photos)… combined with this sick as anything hair? Honestly I cannot wait to see the fruits of this labour. Or…some other analogy. The previews of Clav
é’s work that have been coming up on my feed recently have been all faultless – including a pink semi-perm dip dye from the Obscure Couture girls RTW shoot. I’m not going to lie though this all out colour has be swooning something awful and yearning for my old blue locks. Maybe I should just say fuck it and play about with my hair before big bad job hunting time (maybe use a professional rather than rinsing my hair out over a sink though)….what do you think?
You can read Lou’s blog on hair here – with tips of the trade and all other sorts of goodness, or natch creep on her facebook fan page to see what other hot hair projects she’s got on the back burner. Actually too excited about what I’m going to be seeing with hair this year!


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