On “Les Queues de Sardines”

Look, I’m a bit of a classicist when it comes to tights…. (I am aware this sounds like utter wank spilling forth, I’m sure there isn’t such thing as a tight classicist) – what I mean to say is I don’t really stray far from a good old 80d in black or a nude tight. A fishnet when the occasion calls for it. Last year I dipped my toes in the water of patterned tights with Bebaroque during their sample sale, but even then I didn’t go for anything too adventurous. It does however mean that sometimes I’m missing out on this wild and crazy fun tight train…especially when I see the collections from “Les Quelles De Sardines.
Les Quelles De Sardines (or the tales of the sardines…proving that everything sounds better in french) is a French tight and stocking brand known for their graphic print designs. The most recent collection “Heidi aime le Chocolat” is themed like a classic fairytale with all the whimsy, sweetness and darkness you would expect. It follows a couple Heidi and Otto who have been married for years – and Heidi develops an addiction for chocolate which Otto can’t stand. So he decides the only way to deal with this is to chop off her arms. Naturally she runs off in to the Forest – and Otto pursues, firing arrows at her till she dies…and he takes her heart in memoriam. Pretty much your standard fairy tale sans the “and they lived happily ever after..” then.

“Pas de bras pas de chocolat, Bouba, Heidi and Saint Antoine”

I love the big bright prints – and the collection has a mix of elegant and romantic styles like Black Forrest and Sissi next to the more colourful fun designs such as Heidi. Saint Antoine is definitely my favourite design – I think the little arrow wounds are quite cute, hadn’t noticed them before I’d read the background for the collection but yeah – checks a few boxes for me. I think the designs are maybe still a bit bold for me but in another life I’d be all over these like a bad rash. Maybe time to bite the bullet and experiment?
They retail at between 45 and 52 from here. Maybe when I’m feeling flush…though I suspect these guys may be more the sisterlings bag.


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