me me me “pink best sellers” review

I’d seen Me Me Me creeping about the shelves of Superdrug and my friends handbags before, but it wasn’t until Joanna from Find Me a Gift got in touch asking if I fancied doing a review that I’d really given the brand a bash. She sent me along the Pink best sellers set (which at first I was like – pink, is this really where we’re going with this) to have a swatch at. Anyway colour me suprised. I’m not sure what I was really expecting. I think I saw pink and lipgloss and panicked. I didn’t expect me to be waving around all the different products in my friends faces (to varying levels of amusement.)The pink set comes in a lovely floral black box (reminds me a bit of a hat box) and contains one of Me Me Me’s blush boxes in “pink” a Light Me up Gloss in “Illuminate” and a nail polish in “Ambitious.” First thing I noticed was the colours were no where near as “pink” as they looked online (with the exception of the blush) – which was definitely a good thing. I still wasn’t quite sure how I was going to feel about the lip gloss, but the packaging was all very pretty and sleek. The blush is reminiscent of a Benefit blush and the mirror in the lid is a nice touch and the brush is a good size. The nail polish packaging is pretty standard and pretty much get what you see, while the lip gloss comes with a mirror along the side, which is always a nice touch.
The nail polish was the first guy I tried and the colour goes on beautifully. It’s very rich and creamy. A very dusky mushroom pink which is easy enough to wear every day. I’ve had loads of compliments on the colour and it’s lasted really well. I found the application quite even and went on well with one coat. It’s got quite a big brush which I’m totally in favour of (I know a maxi brush is not every ones cup of tea.) The polish has been quite hard wearing, I’ve smudged it a touch through wear and tear, but I suspect this is more to do with how hard I am with my nails and partially because I don’t really give these guys time to dry.Hahahah my attempt of a FOTD. The blush is very very pink and has a very even application. I had to be quite light handed lest I ended up looking like Aunt Sally. I’m more used to more neutral tones for my blush, so this pink one was a pleasant suprise. It is maybe a bit more feminine than I would usually go for however found it works quite well my skin…(I am in fact paler than the palest.) Last was the lip gloss and boy howdy. I’m a girl who lives in red lipstick so pink lip gloss? I LOVED IT. This may or may not be because there is a torch in the lid that I insisted on showing everyone. It’s almost a tea rose pink, and for me is as close as a nude/neutral lip colour as I’m ever going to go. It has lovely gold flecks through it and tastes a wee bit minty. It’s not overly sticky but I did need to reapply it maybe once every hour to keep my lips looking heavy glossed up.

As a girl who for the most part is set in her ways with her make up I really really loved this brand and was crazy surprised. I’m probably not going to buy any of the other gloss colours as feel they may be too dark for me, definitely for a gift though. I’m now a full convert to Me Me Me polishes though and provide a much more pocket friendly alternative than my love for Butter polishes. The pink set is in the sale for £11.99 at the mo so deff worth giving it a go. Know the sisterling would go crazy for the coral set.


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