lilly wiggler lingerie s/s 2012 collection

I feel like I’ve fallen off the face of the planet. Between transcription town, dissertation city, film festival goodness and a cheeky wee styling job – the last week has been all kinds of mental. With a bit of the January blues, this little beauty popping in to my mail box cheered me up like nout else. Like many a lass I’m a bit of an underwear junkie. There is no real need for me to drop in excess of £80 for a bra and pants that most people aren’t going to see (nor really actually care for) but it’s one of those things that makes me feel all kinds of brilliant. For me Lilly Wiggler is the kind of designer which you know has been made my a true lingerie fan. The Scottish lingerie designer Lilly Wiggler pays homage to vintage and burlesque with a nod to fetish and burlesque, looks that have become staples of the brand aesthetic. This handmade collection of lingerie is produced within Scotland and with each collection is a limited run.
Lilly’s Spring/Summer collection features four bra/underwear sets and 3 body suits and manages to be both feminine, sweet and sexy. This may seem like a daft gripe to most – but one of my favourite thing about the Lilly Wiggler pieces is the fact that she makes bras up to an F cup. I’m in that playing field myself, and it’s bloody heartbreaking to go in to a shop and pick up a bra and find out most of the right bonnie ones stop at a C or a D. I do love the high waisted shorty style briefs, they have a nice feeling of old time glamour about them. The Christy triangle bra is the bra of my dreams – although pretty sure it’s lack of under wiring means not for me. I really adore the floral libby set. It’s very dainty and sweet. After having a proper deek at this collection in person I’m all but ready to give up eating and order everything. I love that everything is built to fit, support and provide comfort without compromising on aesthetic. Her new collection will be available online late February and is a luxe homegrown alternative to my Agent.P. One for the lingerie fanatics for sure.


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