a soft spot for the 90s

Not wanting to be a cliche blogger or anything (already pretty sure I’ve got that down with my love of cats, galaxy print and chunk impractical shoes) but it will pretty much surprise no one that I got myself a wee soft spot for the 90s. I say soft spot…I mean major ridiculous lust. I really should know better. Anyway I stumbled across “90’s Runway” – now officially my favourite tumblr ever by the by, and it’s just all these insane and amazing runway looks from the 1990s. Does what it says on the tin really. I mean sure there is some fucking insane shit on their too…I blame girls nursed at the teet of Lisa Frank for some of the ridiculousness going on over there. That said there is some collections that I flat out love – and I’m pretty much all on board for the zealous use of gold….gold chains all up in this bitch. That mixed with sheer, latex, pastels, flowers and belts and I’ve pretty much found the best alternative to a night in of X-Fator. Here are my highlights:

1: Chanel 1992 2: Yves Saint Laurent 1999 3: D&G 1992 4: Yves Saint Laurent 1993 5: Vivienne Westwood 1990 6: Thierry Mugler 1992 7: Christian Dior 1999 8: Thierry Mugler 1996 9: Sonia Rykeil 1994

I’m off to waste my life coveting trends of decades past. I’m sure there are worse ways to spend my nights…


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